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Watch How to Wear Mixed Prints Video

How to Wear Mixed Prints

In this episode, I give you three tips when on how to wear Mixed Prints! These are not rules, but just helpful guidelines on going outside of your comfort zone and wearing multiple patterns at once. With this video and my Mix It Up Pinterest board, you'll be rocking prints and patterns in no time :) Each and every printed piece was purchased at my favorite Plato's Closet... duh.
Watch 5 Trendy Back To School Looks for under $40! Video

5 Trendy Back To School Looks for under $40!

While I was off traveling the world, our good friend Sami came in and took over for me, filming a Back to School style blog of her own! As a fashion student, she has incredible style. She picked up 5 trendy, "first day back" worthy outfits from Plato's Closet and shared them with us in a Back to School Lookbook! Which one is your favorite? What are YOU wearing on your first day back to class?
Watch Sami's Back to School Lookbook Video

Sami's Back to School Lookbook

While I was out traveling the world (I went to Lebanon!), our friend Sami did some shopping of her own and filmed her very own Back to School Lookbook! Our favorite fashion student came up with 5 stylish outfits that are perfect for that first day back to school look with clothes and accessories from... Plato's Closet, duh! She's pretty great, don't you think?
Watch Vacation Accessories Haul Video

Vacation Accessories Haul

Better late than never right?! Well although it is late, I still want to share with you my Vacation Accessories Haul, a quick collection of little things I picked up before my trip. Traveling across the world calls for easy and versatile fashion and the right accessories can make a simple outfit pop!
Watch Boho Lookbook by Plato's Closet Video

Boho Lookbook by Plato's Closet

Here's is my Boho Lookbook! Three looks that are head to toe boho, with some pretty great pieces from Plato's Closet. Like my looks? Let's see your outfit recreations! Or better yet, let's see your very own boho styled outfits from Plato's Closet!
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